A Great Story To Tell
Have you ever seen ads from Google that say: "Make Money With Google"?  If not, see Exhibit 1 (below).

If you are reading this and you are affiliated with the Media… if you are a Journalist… especially if you are an Investigative Reporter… I will GUARANTEE you a GREAT STORY.

If you are NOT a Media Source, Journalist, or Investigative Reporter - - FORWARD THIS WEBSITE TO ONE TODAY!

I will personally explain how I was able to make more than $60,000.00 in 4 short months with the Google AdWords and AdSense "Revenue Sharing" Programs.  Much of what I will share are essentially "secrets" - - hidden realities that millions of people EVERY DAY are trying to figure out.  I will reveal MANY things that millions of people are trying to figure out every day in an effort to "Make Money With Google."  How many people do you think there are who have actually figured out how to make more than $1,000.00 per day - -  $30,000.00 in one month - - with the Google AdSense "Revenue Sharing" Program?  I did.

But here is the real story:

Google "encourages" people to make money… Google provides people, including novices, with "options" and "opportunities" through AdWords and AdSense… Google "recommends" for people to use specific ads to "increase revenues"… Google permits people to "set their own budgets"… Google lures people into an undefined and false hope of believing they can "Make Money With Google" through their AdSense "Revenue Sharing" Program… and Google happily takes as much money as a person is willing to spend to market their websites.  But what happens IF and WHEN a person achieves a substantial amount of success?  Google shuts them down and STEALS their money!

Anyone with even half of a brain (maybe even just a little common sense and logic) who reads EVERYTHING at GoogleCrime.com will get the picture.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), not everyone in life has the same amount of brain power.  But even a half-powered brain can figure it out.

Many people spend MUCH of their hard earned money advertising their websites with Google AdWords to promote websites with AdSense ads in hopes of earning AdSense revenue - - all of which is done within parameters that Google itself has set.  They hope and long to "Make Money With Google" - - often to their own dismay.  That makes Google liable.

If you are NOT a biased, Pro-Google, illegitimate Media Source, Journalist, or Investigative Reporter - - a Google Insider - - and you want a GREAT STORY to tell the public - - if you want to do your job and WARN the public - - I will give you a GREAT STORY to tell! ;-)

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A Great Story To Tell
Exhibit 1
(Screen Shot Taken Directly From A Google Search)