Department Of Justice Complaint
Dear Department of Justice:

We kindly and respectfully ask for you to launch an investigation into Google, Inc.

Google stole $38,000.00 from us in a deceptive and underhanded manner, and we can prove it.  They have committed the same crimes against other people too.  We can prove it.

Our complaint is being submitted per the powerful and meaningful words contained within your Financial Crimes Report to the Public, Fiscal Years 2010-2011:

The mission of the FCS is to oversee the investigation of
financial fraud… The ECU is responsible for significant frauds targeted against individuals… to include corporate fraudinvestment fraud schemes… and mass marketing fraud.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigates matters relating to
fraud, theft… characterized by deceit, concealment, or violation of trust... committed by individuals and organizations to obtain personal or business advantage.  The FBI focuses its financial crimes investigations on such criminal activities as corporate fraudfinancial institution fraudmass marketing fraud... mass-communication mediaand the Internet.

"The FBI continues to coordinate with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), the SEC, and other U.S. law enforcement and regulatory agencies
to identify and address possible corporate fraud."

A virtually invisible and undetectable case of "Financial Crimes" and "Corporate Fraud" is being perpetrated against many people by Google, Inc.  It is subtle.  It is brilliant.  It may have been undetected by your Department because of its subtlety and brilliance.  Lack of government oversight and regulations may have also played a role in its existence.  Thus, we have included our own suggested and recommended solution to the problem at the end of our complaint.  This financial crime is one of Fraud, Deception, Manipulation, Anti-Business Practices, and Theft.  It has been perpetrated against us.  And it is being perpetrated against numerous other victims.  We kindly and respectfully ask for you to identify, assimilate, and remedy the following:

The Charge

Google disables AdSense accounts that generate substantial amounts of revenue so they can avoid paying out large amounts of money to end users and confiscate - - STEAL - - their money in order to increase their own financial gains.  They will defend themselves by claiming they only disable AdSense accounts for "Policy Violations."  And they will feign BOGUS reasons, which are nothing more than smokescreens and convenient "scapegoat" excuses that enable them to get away with it.  It is a subtle, brilliant, and profitable scheme.

Supporting Evidence

Supporting the notion that Google uses BOGUS claims of "Policy Violations" as a convenient "scapegoat" excuse to unilaterally disable AdSense accounts so they can avoid paying out large amounts of money and increase their own financial gains is the fact that they exercise a very evident, obvious, and practical review and communication process with AdWords.  But they reserve their own right to avoid the same level of review and communication with AdSense.  In the case of AdWords (Google's advertising program that takes money in) representatives will call you over the phone and give you precise guidance to get your Ads up and running (so they can take your money).  The YouTube "Partnership" Program also has a review process for video monetization (earning AdSense revenue through YouTube videos).  Google AdSense is deficient in this regard.  Why?  It is because AdSense is the program that requires Google to pay money out, not take money in.  Google exercises a very clever, intentional, and deliberate strategy of minimizing communications with AdSense publishers.  By not providing guidance, review, and/or notice concerning alleged "Policy Violations" prior to disabling AdSense accounts Google provides itself with profitable opportunities, at opportune moments in time, to confiscate substantial amounts of AdSense revenue, or portions thereof, for their own financial gain.  It is a loophole that works to Google's own financial advantage at the expense of investors.  This intentional lack of review and communication in conjunction with Google's unregulated and unrestrained ability to apply their Policies, Terms of Use, and Guidelines to their own advantage not only provides Google with opportunities to confiscate - - STEAL - - AdSense revenue from end users, hurting numerous individuals and their families, but also enables Google to maximize their AdWords income at the same time.  With no AdSense revenue going back to publishers who paid Google AdWords to market their websites, the publisher loses both the money they paid to market their websites and the revenue their websites earned.  Google gains both.  It is truly a subtle and brilliant way to commit Fraud, Deception, Manipulation, Anti-Business Practices, and Theft - - and get away with it.  How many millions of dollars has Google made doing that?  They have made $38,000.00 just from my family, friends, business associates, and me.  And we have uncovered numerous blogs and websites on the internet wherein other victims are crying out in pain.  They are crying out for help!

Of course it is appropriate and necessary for Google to implement Policies, Terms of Use, and Guidelines to govern a person's use of their products and services.  And it is certainly possible, and probable, that Google at times appropriately disables AdSense accounts for policy violations.  There are people in the world who will blatantly abuse the AdSense program by endeavoring to generate income through unscrupulous means.  Google should and MUST prohibit such people from profiting through abuses of the program.  And Google should and MUST prohibit people from marketing and profiting from "criminal" content through the use of their products and services.  However, complications and loopholes materialize when crossing over from "criminal" content to "inappropriate" content.  One subtle tactic that Google employs, which is actually quite brilliant, is when they claim the basis of a "Policy Violation" is "inappropriate content."  However, it is important to keep in mind that this is secondary to their first step off of the path of rightness - - review and communication.  Google's simple lack of review and communication affords them the opportunity to commit theft.  But taking it further, Google will sometimes employ the subtle "tactic" and "reinforcement strategy" of claiming "inappropriate content" is the basis for a "Policy Violation."  In our research we have uncovered a similar example wherein the victim indicates Google claimed "potential to do wrong" was the basis for a "Policy Violation."  It is important to note that the reason always comes ATFER Google has disabled the AdSense account and confiscated the revenue.  No matter what claim Google uses it is always subsequent to their failure to review and communicate with investors.  Thus far, Google has been able to get away with using these "primary" and "secondary" tactics to steal money and increase their own financial gains.  But to the tune of how much money is presently unknown.  Perhaps you can get to the bottom of it?

Significantly, determining "inappropriate" content is a "subjective" task that requires management on the part of Google.  The task of making "subjective" determinations about what is "inappropriate" content demands that Google review AND communicate their "subjective" views clearly and precisely so they will not hinder the efforts of Online Internet Website Business Entrepreneurs, not to mention squandering their time and STEALING their money.  It is noteworthy that this task may cause Google to violate 1st Amendment Constitutional Rights.  And it provides Google with "opportunity" to cry "foul" with ulterior "motives."  Money has always been a strong motivator for crimes and underhanded business practices.

Our Particular Case - Further Evidence

Google claims they disabled our AdSense accounts for "Policy Violations."  But an abundance of evidence indicates that Google disabled our AdSense accounts for no other reason than to avoid paying us $29,347.00 in AdSense revenue and to ensure that $8,000.00 we spent to market our websites would be a 100% gain for them.  With no AdSense revenue coming back to us from ANY of the websites we spent $8,000.00 to market, Google was guaranteed a 100% gain of $8,000.00 in addition to the AdSense revenues our websites earned for them.  And Google gave three different reasons on three separate occasions for why they disabled our AdSense accounts.  Why would they do that?  They provided no specific Policy Violations or examples - - NONE.

Google's initial basis for disabling our AdSense accounts (their 1st email to us) suggested they disabled our AdSense accounts because we were "not in the spirit of the program."  Such a BOGUS excuse for disabling our AdSense accounts has absolutely NOTHING at all to do with Policies, Terms of Use, and Guidelines.  When we challenged their claim by providing our own thesis on the "True Spirit of Advertising and Marketing" they gave us a second reason.  In their 2nd email they claimed they disabled our AdSense accounts because of "Invalid Click" activity.  When we gave them our sworn testimony that we did not perform ANY Invalid Clicks on ANY of our website Ads and challenged them to provide evidence they refused stating they didn't want to reveal any of their "proprietary" trade secrets and gave us a third reason.  Their 3rd email indicated that their "specific" reason was because they "specifically found us to be in violation of certain criteria."  But that wasn't very "specific" because they wouldn't tell us what the "certain criteria" was.  Moreover, the "certain criteria" in question cannot be anything other than "subjective" and it is heretofore undefined and unknown - - no examples have been provided.  Google made three BOGUS claims on three separate occasions for why they disabled our AdSense accounts.  They most recently alluded to their commitment to being "Family Safe" as the reason why they disabled our AdSense accounts.  However, this BOGUS reason, like the other ones given, falls short of justifying their actions.  It is nothing more than another smokescreen "scapegoat" excuse, which represents further PROOF of their Fraud and Theft.

Utterly decimating Google's BOGUS claim that they disabled our AdSense accounts for reasons having to do with their commitment to being "Family Safe" is the fact that we had AdSense Ads running on a variety of websites that range in content from Bikinis and Health & Fitness, to Landscape Companies, to Auto Dealerships, to Swamp Buggy and Airboat Tours, to Party Decorations, to Art and Crafts Classes, to Music Lessons, to Music Books For Kids, to YouTube Video Music Lessons.  All of those kinds of websites were earning AdSense revenue for us.  So why did Google disable our AdSense accounts all together, rather than simply preventing Ads from running on certain websites that they deemed to be subjects of "Policy Violations?"  Why did Google not provide us with prior notice informing us that they deemed certain websites to be subjects of Policy Violations?  Why did Google not give us a fair opportunity to fix any alleged Policy Violations?  Google will be hard-pressed and challenged to assert that their commitment to being "Family Safe" was their reason for disabling our AdSense accounts.  Some of our websites don't even have images on them, as that was gradually becoming a part of our strategy to increase our AdSense revenue.  After all, Google does "encourage" people to "increase AdSense revenue" through "strategic" placement of Ads.  Even our Bikini and Health & Fitness oriented websites, which are understandably intended to cater to "Grown-ups" who are more likely than children to be into "Sexy Bikinis" and "Healthy Lifestyles" do not include ANY Explicit Nudity, Sex Acts, Pornography, and/or Adult Content of ANY sort.  They would merely have to meet the standards of Google's "subjective" views, which were never communicated to us.  Furthermore, "Adult Content" that is pornographic in nature, including explicit nudity and sex acts, differs significantly from pretty, beautiful, sexy women scantily dressed in lingerie and bikinis.  Pursuant to Google's Policies, Terms of Use, Guidelines, and commitment to being "Family Safe" what is their "subjective" view of companies like Victoria's Secret, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Addition, and  Those companies all use pretty, beautiful, sexy models and the "sex sells" concept to promote their businesses, products, and services.  And they are ever-present and in the eyes of families (parents and their children) in shopping malls, on grocery store magazine racks, and even on Super Bowl commercials.  Considering the fact that Google frequently ran AdSense Ads on our websites that displayed scantily dressed models representing Lingerie, Bikinis, and Dating Services such as: "Meet Russian Girls" and "Meet Women from The Philippines" it would be nice to ask Google where they fall into the scheme of things given their commitment to being "Family Safe."  Google's answer to that question would provide insight into their true motives for disabling our AdSense accounts because there is nothing in ANY of our websites that goes beyond those standards, in our "subjective" view.  Google's commitment to being "Family Safe" is not the reason our AdSense accounts were disabled.  That is just another smokescreen "scapegoat" excuse.  They have NEVER provided us with ANY specific examples.  And they never gave us an opportunity to align our websites with their "subjective" commitment to being "Family Safe" - - when there was $38,000.00 on the line.

Even IF that was the reason, they did not have to disable our AdSense accounts all together and discontinue Ads from running on ALL of our many various websites.  The ONLY reason they had to disable our AdSense accounts all together is because that was the only way for them to confiscate ALL of our AdSense revenue.  Without disabling our AdSense accounts, they could not take the revenue.  Actually, that is not entirely true.  They could have held back the revenue that they deemed to be from websites that were subjects of their alleged "Policy Violations."  Hence, there is further evidence of their motivation to STEAL $38,000.00.   The ONLY way for them to pocket $38,000.00 was to disable ALL of our AdSense accounts.

There is a tremendous amount of "subjectivity" involved with determining what might be considered "provocative," "sexually gratifying," and/or "Family Safe."  Therefore, Google has an obligation and responsibility to provide clear distinctions and/or a review process that will facilitate and assist Online Internet Website Business Entrepreneurs, as opposed to limiting, minimizing, restricting, and/or disabling them.  A failure to do so can only be interpreted as a fault within Google's management and operating system (mismanagement), which leaves them open to liabilities.  Or it is an intentional loophole that enables Google to make unilateral and discriminatory decisions about which AdSense accounts they can disable and at what point in time they can decide to disable them.  In our case they decided to disable them at a point in time when there was $38,000.00 up for grabs.  What level of motivation might that prompt?


        Google claims they disabled our AdSense accounts for "Policy Violations."  Yet, they provided no specific reasons.  They did not identify what the alleged policy violations were.  And they provided no specific examples - - NONE.  Two (2) of our AdSense accounts (my wife's and mine) were up and running uninterrupted for nearly three years prior to being disabled.  And they both had AdSense Ads running on a variety of websites with a variety of content.  Surely Google isn't claiming that ALL of our websites are in violation?  We MUST have some websites that Google would deem to be fine.  So why didn't they simply provide us with advanced notice as to which websites were subjects of Policy Violations so we could fix the alleged violations, rather than disabling our AdSense accounts all together?  It was so they could confiscate - - STEAL - - the AdSense revenue from ALL of our websites and ensure the money we spent marketing our websites was a 100% gain for them.

        Google disabled our AdSense accounts without providing us with ANY fair and proper advanced notice.  No notice was provided to us prior to Google disabling our AdSense accounts.  No prior warning.  No prior communication WHATSOEVER.  No opportunity was afforded for us to fix the alleged violations.  No specific violations were ever made known to us.  Just a unilateral, discriminatory, decision made by Google to disable our AdSense accounts and confiscate - - STEAL - - $38,000.00.

        All of our AdSense accounts were "reviewed" and "approved" by Google.  Even though Google reserves the right to periodically re-review AdSense accounts to ensure they remain compliant, two of them were running uninterrupted without ANY problems for nearly three years.  Then they were suddenly shut down and ALL of our AdSense revenue was confiscated.  Three accounts were "reviewed" and "approved" only to be disabled within one month.  NO CHANGES were EVER made to ANY of the websites subsequent to their initial review and approval.  Think about it: Three brand new AdSense accounts were reviewed… they were approved… they were earning a lot of AdSense revenue… they were re-reviewed and discovered to be generating substantial AdSense revenue only one month later and NO CHANGES had been made to the websites subsequent to their initial "review" and "approval"… but they were abruptly disabled and Google confiscated all of our AdSense revenue.

        Google disabled all five (5) of our AdSense accounts on the exact same day (my wife's, my son's, my best friend's, my business associate's, and mine).  What a coincidence, huh?  Why would Google do that?  They did it because all of the websites we were spending money to market were earning more AdSense revenue than Google wanted to pay out.  And because our websites were earning an amount of money that enticed Google to confiscate it: $38,000.00.  To know why our websites were earning so much AdSense revenue, read: The Reason For Our Success.

        Google made no effort WHATSOEVER to notify us about any alleged concerns and failed to give us a fair and reasonable opportunity to fix any alleged violations prior to disabling our AdSense accounts.  Why would they not communicate with us?  Why would they not notify us?  Why would they NOT give us a fair opportunity to fix any alleged concerns or violations?  The answer is: $38,000.00.

        Our AdSense accounts were only disabled AFTER they began generating substantial and ever-increasing AdSense revenue.  Two of our accounts were active for nearly three years WITHOUT EARNING VERY MUCH ADSENSE REVENUE and they were NEVER disabled for ANY reason.  Why the sudden need to disable ALL of them only ATFER they began earning substantial and ever-increasing AdSense revenue?  Oh, yeah.  That's right.  It was so Google could confiscate - - STEAL - - $38,000.00.

        The websites that were earning Adense revenue for us were ALL determined by "Google Specialists" to be "Complaint" (COMPLIANT).  Hence, ALL of our AdSense revenue was legitimately and rightfully earned.  Yet, ALL of our AdSense revenue AND the money we spent marketing our "Compliant" (COMPLIANT) websites was confiscated  - - STOLEN - - by Google.

All of the FACTS above further support the notion that Google disables AdSense accounts for no other reason than to confiscate - - STEAL - - AdSense revenue and to ensure that money being spent to market websites is a 100% gain for them.  What better way is there to do such a thing and get away with it other than to claim it is for Policy Violations?


Online Internet Website Business Entrepreneurs (Webmasters and Website Publishers) spend an enormous amount of their time, energy, creativity, efforts, and money creating, building, and publishing websites and striving to maximize their earnings through their implementation and use of Google's products and services: AdWords and AdSense.  Google must NOT be permitted to negatively interfere with and hinder such efforts.  Google must be responsible to provide a reasonable and comprehensive review process to maintain their "subjective" ideas and commitment to being "Family Safe."  They should provide advance notice and/or warning prior to disabling a person's AdSense account.  And they should provide specifics along with a fair opportunity to rectify whatever "subjective" objection they might have concerning a particular website.  This is especially true when a person is spending thousands of dollars to market their website(s), and when he or she is earning and expecting to receive substantial AdSense revenue.  You don't just shut down a person's business unexpectedly without any prior notice, and confiscate - - STEAL - - their money.  That is basic common sense and good business ethics, 101.  Mandating such measures will ensure Google avoids negatively impacting, hindering, or halting the entirety of one's business efforts.  And it will steer Google away from misleading people and/or committing acts of Fraud, Deception, Manipulation, Anti-Business Practices, and Theft.  Google should be held accountable and liable if they fail in this regard. And they have.

What value might be placed upon the time, energy, creativity, efforts, and money that a person has exhausted over two or three years time building websites and implementing Google's AdWords and AdSense Programs to the extent that they began generating more than $1,000.00 per day in AdSense revenue?  Should it all be for naught at the indiscretion of Google and their misleading, deceptive, manipulative, and unethical business practices?

I worked for more than two years to develop a legitimate Online Internet Website Business strategy and paid thousands of dollars to Google to legitimately and rightfully earn our AdSense revenue.  We proved our ability to earn substantial and ever-increasing AdSense revenue with the very tools, products, services, and resources that Google, a publicly traded company, offers to the public.  And Google shut us down without notice, without warning, without ANY communication, without ANY chance at all to satisfy what they alleged to be "Policy Violations" that have to do with "certain criteria" (subjective and/or unknown) in their Webmaster Quality Guidelines.  Unless Google provides specific reasons and examples, which they have failed to do, they are doing nothing more than throwing out a smokescreen and convenient "scapegoat" way of justifying their thievery and hiding behind Policies, Terms of Use, and Guidelines.  They did NOT provide ANY notice, warning, or communication PRIOR to disabling our AdSense accounts.  And they did not give us a fair opportunity to fix the alleged problem when there was $38,000.00 on the line.  Even IF and WHEN they provide specific reasons and examples it will be too late as they should have done so PRIOR to disabling our AdSense accounts, STEALING our money, and crippling our businesses and income even unto this very day.


Mike Singer/Google Internet Business Protection Act (2012-13)

The Federal Government and/or each State needs to mandate the following:

Google (BING and all other such companies) MUST communicate with AdSense publishers and ALL similar Advertising Code Publishers in a thorough, reasonable, and comprehensive manner providing advanced notice and/or warning with "Specific Reasons" for alleged "Policy Violations" prior to disabling AdWords and/or AdSense accounts.  And they MUST provide users of their products and services with an opportunity and reasonable amount of time to fix ANY and ALL alleged "Policy Violations" after they have been "Specifically" delineated

If Google has done, and continues to do, enough times to enough people what they have done to us it might amount to millions of ill-gotten and stolen dollars in Google's pocketbook over the years.  That is why we are imploring the States, Federal Government, and Media to get involved.

Michael Van Schaick (Mike Singer, Pseudonym)
19800 S.W. 180th Avenue, Lot 446
Miami, Florida  33187
Department Of Justice Complaint
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