Email Complaint - January 03, 2013
We would like to make you aware of a very serious problem that exists concerning Misleading, Unethical, and very likely "Illegal" Business Practices committed by Google including Fraud, Deception, Manipulation, Anti-Business Practices, and Theft.  See DETAILS at:

We have filed complaints with numerous agencies and government officials (See Below) and will continue submitting, re-submitting, and following-up on our complaints to all of the same people, departments, and agencies in a good faith effort to see that the problem is properly addressed and resolved.  We will write numerous articles throughout 2013 concerning the problem and submit them to every possible media outlet (TV, Radio, Paper, and Internet) in order to further assist with exposing and resolving this very serious problem.

Google generates tens of millions of dollars each and every day, much of which has been acquired through misleading the public and committing acts of Fraud, Deception, Anti-Business Practices, and Theft.  Numerous examples have been published at:

We are intimately familiar with every aspect of the problem.  And we are capable of providing an abundance of meaningful and useful testimony to further identify, define, and isolate the problem.  We have even provided a "Solution" to the problem.  And we would very much like to appear before a congressional hearing on business ethics to address the problem.  We are also willing to appear on Prime Time television to address the problem, which is why we have also contacted numerous Media Companies.

Here is the problem:

Google AdWords lets people create Ads and pay money to Google so they can market their websites and have them appear on the first page of internet search results.  The ranking and visibility that such websites receive is based upon a variety of factors, including: The "Bid" (amount of money an AdWords user is willing to pay each time an Ad marketing their website is clicked on); the popularity of the content and keywords that are used in the AdWords Ads and Websites; and competition (other similar competing websites).  Google AdWords users can set their "Bid" at any amount, starting at $0.01 (one cent per click).  Google "Reviews" all AdWords Ads and websites when they are submitted.  Google will "Approve" or "Disapprove" them based upon the content of the AdWords Ads and Websites.  All of our AdWords Ads and Websites were "Reviewed," "Approved," and found to be "Compliant."  Google happily took thousands of dollars from us to market our websites.  And they took millions of dollars more from many, many, many other people throughout the United States and around the world.  Many of those people, like us, were only paying money to Google AdWords because of the alluring prospect of earning money through the Google AdSense "Revenue Sharing" Program.

The Google AdSense "Revenue Sharing" Program enables people to earn revenues (make money) by placing Google AdSense codes (Ads) within their websites.  Websites that have been "Reviewed," "Approved," and found to be "Compliant" by Google AdWords would, and should, qualify to have AdSense Ads appearing within them.  In fact, all of our websites were approved and permitted to have AdSense Ads appearing within them for nearly three years.  And there was never a problem.  It was only AFTER our AdSense revenues began to increase that Google disabled our AdSense accounts.

When our AdSense Revenues were not very significant Google had no reason to assert there was any sort of problem or violation and Disable our AdSense accounts.  After all, they were not paying out very much money to us.  If fact, they were receiving more money from us through Google AdWords than they were paying out to us through Google AdSense.  So they left our AdSense accounts alone hoping we would continue giving them more and more of our money through Google AdWords.  But as soon as our AdSense Accounts began to generate substantial revenues, more money coming to us through Google AdSense than we were paying Google through AdWords, Google BOGUSLY asserted: "your account was found to violate our program policies and was disabled, you are no longer eligible to participate in the AdSense program."  That is the "standard" scapegoat excuse Google has repeatedly "used" to victimize many people and insulate them self from scrutiny, reprisal, or penalty.  For three long years, while earning very little AdSense Revenue, we had NO PROBLEM.  Once we started making money Google suddenly, mysteriously, and WRONGFULLY disabled our AdSense accounts so they would not have to pay out money to us.  They have done this to MANY other people too.

Google clearly exercises an in-house practice of disabling AdWords and AdSense accounts IF and WHEN users of those products began earning increased AdSense revenues.  In this way Google can avoid paying out money and retain more of it for themselves.  This is an unethical and illegal financial crime, which has been formidably documented at:  It is being further documented herein.

Essentially, this is a "Scheme"… or a "SCAM"… that Google has gotten away with for years.  No government oversight and regulation has yet been put into place to prevent this Fraud.  Or, has there?  In our opinion the Federal Sherman Law applies.  But perhaps more legislation, regulations, oversight, and Federal Laws are needed in order to protect consumers and business entrepreneurs.  Any corporation that engages in misleading, fraudulent, deceptive, manipulative, anti-business practices and theft, especially when it provides an UNFAIR Business Advantage to the Corporation at the expense of the consumer is guilty of Financial Crimes and Consumer Fraud.  They MUST be stopped.

In Our Opinion The Federal Sherman Law Applies To Our Circumstances Because
Google Has Acted In A Hostile Manner To Limit, Minimize, Reduce, Restrict, and/or Eliminate Our Businesses And Our RIGHT To Free Market Competition!

When someone clicks on an AdSense Ad within a website containing AdSense code (Ads) Google is supposed to share the revenue they made with the owner of the AdSense account.  Not fabricate BOGUS excuses so they can get away with STEALING it.

Here is another thing to consider.  When a person clicks on an AdSense Ad appearing within a website they will be taken away from that website and brought to the website of some other business.  QUESTION: Who in their "right mind" is going to want Google AdSense Ads appearing in their websites if people visiting their website and clicking on AdSense Ads are going to be taken away from their website and brought to someone else's business?  ANSWER: Website owners who hope to earn money IF and WHEN an AdSense Ad is clicked on, that is who.  In fact, the ONLY way the Google AdSense "Revenue Sharing" Program can be understood and appreciated as "fair game" is by reading and applying the ideas delineated in "The 'Spirit' Of Advertising and Marketing," which can also be found at:  Google Corporate Executives have been UNFAIR and UNETHICAL in the application of their products and services for their own financial advantage.

We spent nearly three years of our time, energy, and hard-earned money building websites and endeavoring to earn AdSense revenues.  Only AFTER we began earning significant AdSense Revenues did Google shut us down.

Google did NOT provide ANY advanced notice, warning, or reason whatsoever concerning ANY alleged violations that might result in the disabling of our AdSense accounts.  Yet, they wrongfully disabled our AdSense accounts when we were rightfully and legitimately earning more than $1,000.00 per day in AdSense revenues.  Google STOLE $38,000.00 from us in Investments and Earnings at the time they disabled our AdSense accounts on August 14, 2012.

Google did NOT identify ANY alleged violation.  They simply disabled our AdSense accounts without ANY advanced warning, rhyme, or reason - - unexpectedly and right "out of the blue."

Google did NOT afford us with any fair and reasonable opportunity to remedy ANY alleged violation so that we could maintain our Online Internet Website Businesses.

Google utterly failed to communicate with us in ANY sensible, reasonable, and professional manner whatsoever.

Google wrongfully disabled our AdSense accounts and stole $38,000.00 from us specifically because they saw we were earning substantial and ever-increasing AdSense revenues.

Google caused ongoing losses and "Consequential Damages" exceeding $1,000.00 per day by wrongfully disabling our AdSense accounts.

All of that has subsequently resulted in additional personal loses to my family, friends, business associates, and me.  When a person loses their income, other things start evaporating out of their life.  If they can no longer pay their rent, they get evicted.  If they can no longer pay their insurance, their driver license gets suspended.  If they invest a sizable amount of their hard-earned money to promote and market legitimate websites that were "Reviewed," "Approved" and found to be "Compliant" by Google so they could potentially "make money" through the Google AdSense "Revenue Sharing" Program just so Google could SEATL it all… the conglomeration of those things can lead to great personal calamity including strife and ruin among friends and within a family, business, and a marriage.

Google invented an evolving series of ridiculous, unfounded, and illegitimate "excuses" to cover for their wrong doing.  Each time we provided a rebuttal to their ridiculous and unfounded claims they came up with a new "excuse" in an effort to justify and "cover up" their wrong doing.  The following is a chronological series of the BOGUS "excuses" Google feigned:

1.        Google's first BOGUS reason for disabling our AdSense accounts (their 1st "excuse") suggested they disabled our AdSense accounts because we were "not in the spirit of the program."  Such a BOGUS excuse for disabling our AdSense accounts has absolutely NOTHING at all to do with Policies, Terms of Use, and Guidelines.  The "Spirit" of our Online Internet Website Businesses was just fine in the eyes of Google for three years when we were not earning very much AdSense revenue for ourselves.  None of our AdSense accounts were ever questioned or disabled.  But as soon as we began earning substantial revenues they were disabled.  So I guess they must be referring to the "Spirit" of making money?  When we challenged their claim by providing our own thesis on the "True Spirit of Advertising and Marketing," which can be reviewed at, Google feigned a 2nd BOGUS "excuse."

2.        Google's second reason for disabling our AdSense accounts (their 2nd "excuse") was that they disabled our AdSense accounts because of "Invalid Click" activity.  When we gave them our sworn testimony that we did not perform ANY Invalid Clicks on ANY of our website Ads and challenged them to provide evidence they refused stating they didn't want to reveal any of their "proprietary" trade secrets and feigned a 3rd BOGUS "excuse."

3.        Google's third reason for disabling our AdSense accounts (their 3rd "excuse") was that their "specific" reason was because they "specifically found us to be in violation of certain criteria."  But that wasn't very "specific" because they wouldn't tell us what the "certain criteria" was.  Moreover, the "certain criteria" in question cannot be anything other than "subjective" and it is heretofore undefined and unknown - - no specific examples have EVER been provided.

4.        Google's fourth BOGUS attempt to provide a reason as to why they disabled our AdSense accounts, stole $38,000.00, and took away our ongoing earnings of more than $1,000.00 per day was to assert that their commitment to being "Family Safe" was the reason why they disabled our AdSense accounts.  However, this BOGUS reason, like the other ones given, falls short of justifying their actions.  Utterly decimating Google's BOGUS claim that they disabled our AdSense accounts for reasons having to do with their commitment to being "Family Safe" is the fact that we had AdSense Ads running on a variety of websites that range in content from Bikinis and Health & Fitness (,,,,,, to Landscape Companies (, to Auto Dealerships (, to Swamp Buggy and Airboat Tours (, to Party Decorations (, to Art and Crafts Classes (, to Music Lessons (, to Music Books For Kids (, to YouTube Video Music Lessons (  All of those kinds of websites were earning AdSense revenue for us.  Those websites represent just a few of our own personal Online Internet Website Businesses, all of which were generating AdSense revenues for us.

Google will be hard-pressed and challenged to assert that their commitment to being "Family Safe" was their reason for disabling our AdSense accounts.  Some of our websites don't even have images on them, as that was gradually becoming a part of our strategy to increase our AdSense revenue.  After all, Google does "encourage" people to "increase AdSense revenue" through "strategic" placement of Ads.  Even our Bikini and Health & Fitness oriented websites, which are understandably intended to cater to "Grown-ups" who are more likely than children to be into "Sexy Bikinis" and "Healthy Lifestyles" do not include ANY Explicit Nudity, Sex Acts, Pornography, and/or Adult Content of ANY sort.  They would merely have to meet Google's "subjective" standards, even IF that is legally justifiable, which were never communicated to us.  Furthermore, "Adult Content" that is pornographic in nature, including explicit nudity and sex acts, which was NEVER present on ANY of the websites that were earning us AdSense revenues, differs significantly from pretty, beautiful, sexy women scantily dressed in lingerie and bikinis.  Pursuant to Google's Policies, Terms of Use, Guidelines, and commitment to being "Family Safe" what is their "subjective" view of companies like Victoria's Secret, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Addition, and  Those companies all use pretty, beautiful, sexy models and the "sex sells" concept to promote their businesses, products, and services.  And they are ever-present and in the eyes of families (parents and their children) in shopping malls, on grocery store magazine racks, and even on Super Bowl commercials.  Considering the fact that Google frequently ran AdSense Ads on our websites that displayed scantily dressed models representing Lingerie, Bikinis, and Dating Services such as: "Meet Russian Girls" and "Meet Women from The Philippines" it would be nice to ask Google where they fall into the scheme of things given their commitment to being "Family Safe."  Google's answer to that question would provide insight into their true motives for disabling our AdSense accounts because there is nothing in ANY of our websites that goes beyond those standards, in our "subjective" view.  Google's commitment to being "Family Safe" is NOT the reason our AdSense accounts were disabled.  That is just another smokescreen "scapegoat" excuse.  The mere fact that Google felt the need to keep coming up with a chronologically documented series of "alternative excuses" to try and justify their wrongful action speaks volumes.

Even IF Google had a legitimate reason to disable our AdSense accounts, which they did NOT, why did Google disable our AdSense accounts all together?  Rather than discontinuing AdSense Ads from appearing on particular websites that Google might have alleged to be in violation, which they did NOT do because there were NOT any such websites, Google simply disabled our AdSense accounts all together - - all five of them (all on the same day).  Why?  It was because that was the ONLY way they could confiscate - - STEAL - - our AdSense revenues AND ensure that the money we paid to market our websites (more than $8,000.00) was a 100% gain for them.  By not having any AdSense revenues coming back to us from any of the "Approved" and "Compliant" websites that we spent $8,000.00 to market with Google AdWords, Google ensured that the money we spent to market our websites was a 100% GAIN for Google and a 100% LOSS for us (my family, friends, business associates, and me).  Plus, Google benefited from more than $30,000.000 in AdSense revenues that our "Approved" and "Compliant" websites generated - ALL FOR GOOGLE.  What a clever scheme, wouldn't you say?

Why would Google NOT simply prevent Ads from running on certain websites they deemed to be subjects of "Policy Violations," IF such existed?  For starters, there were NOT any.  Secondly, that would require that Google give specific reasons for the alleged violations, which would have provided us with an opportunity to remedy the problem and potentially continue earning AdSense revenues.  And that is NOT what Google wanted.  Google does NOT want to have to pay money out.  They ONLY want to take money in.  So they WRONGFULLY disabled our AdSense accounts and feigned BOGUS reasons for doing so in order to "try" and get away with it.  Surely, they have gotten away with it MANY times after screwing over MANY different people.  There are links to examples of Google doing this to other people at:  In fact, one woman from the UK who signed our petition for the "Mike Singer - Google Act" commented that Google is doing this sort of thing all over Europe.

Perhaps as some sort of a "last ditch effort" to justify and cover up their wrong doing Google recently disabled one of our newest AdWords accounts,, claiming that the AdWords account was disabled because the terms "beach" and "sexy" are now Trademarked and we cannot use them in our Ads.  What???

So now a person can Trademark ANY common term like "beach" and "sexy" and prevent others from using them in their Ads?  What is next terms like: "girl," "boy," "car," and "house?"


If that is not an example of Anti-Business Practice and a Blatant Violation of Free Market Principles and Fair Competition, what is

Do you see a TREND of outright ABUSE and ABUSIVENESS on the part of Google?

The BEST terms to describe Google are: Misleading, Fraud, Deception, Manipulation, Anti-Business Practices, and Theft.

Here is the bottom line: I used the Google Keyword Tool to identify high value targets (frequently searched terms); purchased domain names relative to those terms; applied relevant and effective browser titles, keywords and content to our websites; strategically built simplified websites in order to "increase" our AdSense revenues, which is consistent with Google's own calling, i.e., "Make Money With Google" and "Increase Revenues With Strategic Placement of Ads."  And I did all of that to the extent that my family, friends, business associates, and I were earning a substantial and ever-increasing amount of AdSense revenue.  Google took our money-making business opportunities away from us so they would not have to pay out money to us.  That is WRONG.  That is UNETHICAL.  That is, or SHOULD be, and we think it is… ILLEGAL!

In Our Opinion The Federal Sherman Law Applies To Our Circumstances.

Google Has Acted In A Hostile Manner To Limit, Minimize, Reduce, Restrict, and/or Eliminate Our Businesses And Our RIGHT To Free Market Competition!

Please forward this email to the appropriate Person(s), Department(s), Agencies, and/or Media Sources!

We filed the same or similar complaints with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), FBI Internet Crimes Division, Local Miami FBI Office, Better Business Bureau (BBB), Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3 <>), and the United States Department of Justice (DOJ).  We also filed the same or similar complaints with the Attorney Generals and Governors in all 50 States and U.S. Territories.  And we are in the process of submitting our complaint along with the "Mike Singer - Google Act" to every Senator, Congressman, and Congresswoman in Washington, D.C.  Our Attorney, Forrest Sygman, has filed a lawsuit against Google, Inc.  And we will greatly appreciate your efforts as well.  Please click on the American Flag and/or assorted page links at: to read all of the many details concerning this very serious matter.  Do your part to help resolve this issue on behalf of American Consumers, American Business Entrepreneurs, and human beings in general throughout the United States and all around the world.

Thank You!
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Sent Out On January 03, 2013

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