Email Complaint - February 01, 2013
Let this email serve as Official Notice that, as a result of my efforts to expose an International Scam perpetrated by Google against my family, friends, business associates, and me, as well as numerous other people (Online Internet Website Business Entrepreneurs) throughout the United States and around the world, I am concerned for my safety and well-being.

As a result of their knowledge of my efforts in this regard, I have had family members and friends say to me: "Google is going to hire someone to assassinate you or make you disappear."  And: "One day you are going to be sitting outside and someone is going to come up and execute you because of what you are doing to expose Google!"

While these comments have in fact been made to me by family members and friends, I do not believe Google would do such a thing.  And I have had no direct threats from Google or anyone associated with Google, as of this day February 1, 2013.

However, given the fact that my family and friends have expressed their concerns I wish to file this email with Any and ALL Persons, Agencies, and Departments that I have filed our complaints with as an Official Notice.  If anything foul ever happens to me, it is most assuredly a result of something set up by Google.  I did file to become an Official Whistle Blower against Google with the Securities Exchange Commission (Reference Number: TCR1347982466690), published substantial incriminating testimony and evidence against Google for Fraud, Deception, Manipulation, Anti-Business Practices, and Theft perpetrated by Google against my family, friends, business associates, and me, as well as numerous other people (Online Internet Website Business Entrepreneurs) throughout the United States and around the world, and have identified and exposed a Multi-Million-Dollar International SCAM.  So it certainly doesn't hurt to file this.

I do not smoke (cigarettes, marijuana, or anything else).  I do not take drugs (of any kind).  I do not take medications (of any kind).  I do not drink or consume alcohol of any kind whatsoever - EVER (beer, wine, hard liquor, or any other sources).

I am not suicidal.  In fact, I have been through enormous challenges in life and have successfully gotten through all of them.  I have persevered through the most difficult and challenging of times and circumstances, having lost a wife, lost my daughter, been wrongfully accused, wrongfully incarcerated, had millions of dollars taken away from me, lost girl friends, lost jobs, lost cars, and lost wives.  And now, thanks to Google, I have lost enormous Investments and Business Opportunities.  Despite all of the trials and tribulations I have endured, at times being depressed and frustrated, rightfully and understandably so, I have never had any serious notion or intention of taking my own life or anyone else's.  I have been living in my dad's home much of my life with ample opportunity to access fire arms, as my dad is an avid woodsman and hunter.  I was raised knowing very well how to use fire arms.  And I have always had easy access to them at anytime.  But I have never contemplated ANY wrongfully use of them or any other weapons.  I know, understand, and respect all aspects of fire arms "use" and "safety."  I have endured in life.  I have surpassed ALL levels of depression and/or suicidal possibilities.  I would not commit suicide - ever - under ANY circumstances.  I believe in persevering and seeing what the next day may bring.  This is because of my strong mind, strong will, and strong spirit.  I am a safe, honest, and trustworthy human being.

I am NOT suicidal and NEVER would be and I am NEVER under the influence of ANY controlled substance.  I am "Passive" and "Non-violent."  I do not get into heated arguments or fights.  Additionally, I am a safe and cautious driver (despite a couple of minor accidents during my life).  Hence, if anything foul were to ever happen to me my gargantuan claims and case against Google SHOULD be the first and ONLY grounds for concern and suspicion.

Michael Van Schaick (Mike Singer)

Official, Signed, Notarized Hard Copies of This Document Have Been Filed With My Family, Friends, Business, Associates, and Attorneys
Email Follow-Up Complaint 06
Sent Out On February 01, 2013

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