Email Complaint - February 18, 2013
If you have read the previous emails we sent out concerning Financial Crimes, Corporate Fraud, and International SCAMS perpetrated by Google you are familiar with this very serious matter.  However, if you are just now being introduced to this issue we invite you to visit where you will find an abundance of information, testimony, and data that substantiates our complaints and concerns.  There is a lot of information to read.  And some of it may be redundant.  But one thing is CERTAIN: Any educated, smart, intelligent person with good reading skills, a high capacity for "comprehension," a little bit of "common sense," and a high regard for "ethics" and "fairness" in business who reads EVERYTHING at WILL conclude there exists a very serious problem.

Of course that still leaves the question of whether or not they are going to do anything about.  And that raises the question of why they might not do anything about it.  There exist such things as "Cover-Ups" and "Hush Money."  There also exists such a thing as "Corruption," which sometimes even exists within Government Agencies, Legal Systems, and Courtrooms IF and WHEN big money is involved.  And Google is a multi-billion-dollar mega corporation.  This is why we mentioned in a couple of our recent emails that many ordinary people have commented to us: "Good Luck, for precisely those reasons!"

This will be the last email we send out for a little while because we are currently focusing on compiling Hard Copies and producing a Video to expose this problem.  This email is being sent to provide additional documentation and proof that we are doing all we can in order to bring this matter to the attention of ALL appropriate authorities.  Below is a recap of our complaints, concerns, and the problem

First, it must be reiterated that we have endeavored to bring this matter to the attention of Google Executives from the very beginning.  This is not something we have been pursuing in secret behind Google's back without their knowledge in some sort of covert effort to later surprise Google and bring them down.  In the spirit of full-disclosure, openness, and honesty we have sought to bring this matter to the attention of appropriate Google Executives from the very beginning.  Proof that we have endeavored to work "WITH" Google and not "against" Google can be seen in the fact that we send all of our email Complaints to Google.  This proof can be seen in the "courtesy copy" (cc) area of our emails.  This has ensured there has always been opportunity for Google to address the matter properly, which they have NEVER done.

We have always thought that by bringing our concerns to the attention of Senior Executives and Decision Makers at Google they might step up to the plate, assume responsibility, acknowledge the flaws within their system, and act to rectify them so they can make RIGHT what is WRONG within their business model.  A complete and utter failure in this regard convinces us that they MUST be in on the SCAM.  We have provided them with multiple opportunities to step out of the shadows.  Given the MANY complaints we filed and numerous emails we sent out it is highly unlikely that Google Executives are unaware of the problem.  We have ensured Google Executives cannot "honestly" say they didn't know about this problem.  We have also ensured there is no way for them, or anyone, to "honestly" deny there is a problem.

If Google was honest they would have said: "This man is right.  We have not been fair with him.  We have not been fair with his family, friends, and business associates.  And we have not been fair with numerous other people throughout the United States and all around the world.  The way we have been administering our AdWords and AdSense "Revenue Sharing" Programs provides an Unfair Business Advantage to us at the expense of Investors, Consumers, and Online Internet Website Business Entrepreneurs.  We MUST do the RIGHT thing!"  But Google has NOT done the RIGHT thing.  If Google was really honest and decent, they would have thanked us for bringing this terrible reality to their attention.  They have NOT done that either.

One of the "tricky" or "delicate" matters associated with this issue is the existence of "Cover-Ups."  One must "Believe"… "Hope"… "Think"… there are "People" and "Agencies" in the world that are genuinely committed to identifying, exposing, stopping, and preventing Fraud, Deception, Manipulation, Anti-Business Practices, and Theft - - even if and when it means calling out a multi-billion-dollar mega corporation.  Unfortunately it is too often stated that "Money" buys a Free Pass for such things.

We are currently working on the production of a "fact-based" informational Video.  Everything that has been written and published at is being turned into an audio presentation that will be combined with video footage we took when we were documenting our experience building websites and using the Google AdWords and AdSense "Revenue Sharing" Program.  It will include numerous "Print Screens" that we consider to be "Exhibits" worthy of a Courtroom presentation.  And it will include recorded phone conversations that have taken place between us and Google representatives, the SEC, FTC, DOJ, and others. 
We believe this issue is SO SERIOUS that it needs to be remedied ASAP.  We also believe it is SO OBVIOUS that there is no need for ANY lengthy "investigation."

A Lack Of Response And Remedy Concerning This Very Serious Matter Suggests Foul Play And "Cover-Up."

We had $38,000 STOLEN from us.  We had our successful and profitable Online Internet Website Businesses WRONGFULLY taken away from us.  Our 1st Amendment Rights have been infringed upon and violated.  And now, with so much time going by and NOTHING being done, we are concerned about the possibility of "Corruption," "Payoffs," and "Cover-Ups."  As we have alluded to in previous emails there are people who will go "postal" or "ballistic" for far less.  This gives us a legitimate basis for a genuine sense of urgency concerning this matter.  Our current Video Production WILL reveal all.


1.        We live in a modern technological age wherein the Internet and Computers are an integral part of everyday business.  This is especially true of Online Internet Website Businesses, which are equally protected by the Federal Sherman Laws and Business Entrpepreneurs'1st Amendment Rights to Free Speech, Free Expression, Free Press, Free Trade, Free Enterprise, Free Markets, Capitalism, and Entrepreneurialism.  In short: Free Press, Freedom of Expression, and Free Market Competition.  Any efforts by Google to interfere with or stifle such businesses in ANY way that Limits, Minimizes, Reduces, Restricts and/or Eliminates them is, and SHOULD be, a violation of the 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America and The Federal Sherman Laws.  Such is also a clear and obvious violation of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

2.        Google provides products and services that are supposed to facilitate Online Internet Website Business Entrepreneurs' efforts.  AdWords is for promoting and marketing one's own business.  AdSense is for earning revenues by helping others to further promote and market their own business.  Google should not interfere with either.

3.        We had Google AdWords and AdSense accounts that were running uninterrupted and without incident for several years.  Only AFTER we began earning substantial and ever-increasing AdSense revenues did Google WRONGFULLY and MALICIOUSLY (for their Advantage and our Disadvantage) Disable certain of our AdWords accounts.  They cunningly, deceitfully, and "strategically" made BOGUS claims that it was due to "Policy Violations."  We worked arduously for one year jumping over all kinds of hurdles, crawling through all kinds of hoops, and submitting to numerous anti-business demands in order to get our AdWords accounts re-instated.  We amassed well over 100 email correspondences between us and Google, as well as recorded telephone conversations.  It was as if Google was waging war against us to prevent us from further marketing our profitable websites.  It was like Google did not want our websites running again because they knew we would be earning substantial AdSense revenues that Google would have to pay out.  But we kept pressing on challenging every FALSE claim and accepting every anti-business demand that Google through at us.  We prevailed.  After doing all of the anti-business things that Google demanded we do and chopping our websites down to bare minimum our AdWords accounts were re-instated.  They were "Reviewed," "Approved," and determined by "Google Specialists" to be "Compliant."  And Google happily took our money to promote and market our websites.

4.        Several months AFTER we resumed earning substantial and ever-increasing AdSense revenues Google WRONGFULLY and MALICIOUSLY (for their Advantage and our Disadvantage) Disabled ALL of our AdSense accounts.  This time, since our websites were more than consistent with Google's own example of an "Acceptable" website, Google could NOT Disable our AdWords accounts to prevent us from earning substantial and ever-increasing amounts of AdSense revenues.  So they disabled our AdSense accounts.  Google did NOT provide us with ANY advance notice, warning, rhyme or reason.  Google did NOT communicate with us.  And Google did not give us a "fair" and "reasonable" opportunity to fix any alleged violations - - because there were NONE.  Google was simply looking to avoid making payouts and pocket more money for Google.

5.        The mere issue of determining what is an "Appropriate" or "Inappropriate" website is in and of itself a highly "questionable" and "suspect" practice by Google.  We have already established with much clarity that this practice is nothing more than a mechanism Google uses to facilitate their SCAM.  It has acted as a convenient manner for them to arbitrarily Disable AdWords and AdSense accounts on a whim, especially at opportune moments in time that enable Google to avoid making payouts and cash in on their own profits.

How can a website that is "Reviewed," "Approved," and determined by "Google Specialists" to be "Compliant" whereby Google is willing and anxious to take money for AdWords to market it NOT be permitted to have AdSense Ads within it?  It is an oxymoron to state.  It is a paradox to practice.  It is like saying a company sells cars and gasoline but you cannot put their gasoline in their car if you buy one, even though their cars run on gasoline.  But you can buy their gasoline.  It is like a company saying: "You can buy our cars, but you cannot use our gasoline!"

7.        When we first had an AdWords account WRONGFULLY Disabled we suspected it was Google's game - SCAM - to shut down AdWords accounts that are connected to profitable websites in order for Google to avoid making payouts.  It seemed obvious enough considering our accounts were active for several years and were only Disabled AFTER we began earning substantial and ever-increasing AdSense revenues.  We figured IF and WHEN an AdWords account is connected to a website that is earning substantial AdSense revenues Google will simply Disable it to avoid making payouts and pocket more money for Google.  Of course Google BOGUSLY claims it is for "Policy Violations."  That is the convenient "Scapegoat Excuse" that enables them to get away with it.  When we got our websites "Compliant" to the point where Google could NOT make any more BOGUS claims about there being ANY "Policy Violations" concerning our websites and/or AdWords accounts and AFTER we began earning substantial AdSense revenues AGAIN, Google WRONGFULLY Disabled our AdSense accounts.  You would think that is where Google's true motives cannot get any more obvious.  Unfortunately, the truth goes far deeper than the simple FACT that Google STOLE our money and took away our successful Online Internet Website Businesses.

8.        We discovered numerous Blogs and Websites wherein other people throughout the United States and around the world have experienced the same or similar abuse.  Most significant… most ALARMING and CONCERNING for ANY "normal" human being… is the FACT that we discovered hundreds of thousands of people EVERY MONTH use the Google Keyword Tool to search for Information, Help, and/or Other Victims by typing in terms that are germane ONLY to this issue.  We discovered that Google does not only Disable AdWords or AdSense accounts that are earning more AdSense revenues for end users than Google desires to payout, but they unilaterally and frequently Disable numerous AdWords and AdSense accounts to avoid making payouts and increase their own revenues in general.  Even if a person only has $100 that is due to them and Google shuts down one million such accounts - - Google can avoid paying out one-hundred-million dollars and pocket their own enormous profits.

9.        In our case we were owed $29,346.00 when Google WRONGFULLY Disabled our AdSense accounts.  And that does not include the $8,600.00 we paid AdWords to promote and market our "Reviewed," "Approved," and "Compliant" websites.  With no AdSense revenues coming back to us that also meant our $8,000.00 was a 100% Free and Clear Profit for Google.  So they STOLE about $38,000.00 from us.  Plus, we were making over $1,000.00 per day in AdSense revenues at the time they WRONGFULLY Disabled our AdSense accounts.  So they have prevented us from earning approximately $200,000.00 to date since they WRONGFULLY Disabled our AdSense accounts and took away our profitable Online Internet Website Businesses.

10.        What if a bank said: "Sorry, we are closing your account and confiscating your money!"???  What if ANY Financial Institution or Investment Firm said: "Sorry, we are closing your account and confiscating your money!"???  Many people spend a great deal of their time, energy, creativity, effort, and resources (great value) building websites and utilizing AdWords and AdSense to promote and grow their Online Internet Website Businesses only to discover they have become a fly in a spider web - a spider web of Fraud, Deception, Manipulation, Anti-Business Practices, Theft - DEATH to their business and their "fruitful turned fruitless" efforts.  Google is the Spider - AdWords and AdSense is their Web.  The internet is their lair!

11.        Throughout this ordeal Google has attempted in vain to fabricate erroneous and BOGUS excuses in a crooked attempt to justify their WRONGFULL actions against us, all of which we have dismantled and exposed at:

12.        Google's MOST RECENT, Preposterous, Outrageous, Ridiculous (Not Enough Adjectives To Describe) ANTI-BUSINESS Offense Has Been To Assert That Certain Words Are "Trademarked" And CANNOT Be Used In Online Internet Website Business Entrepreneurs' AdWords Ads To Promote And Market Their Websites.  Google Has Taken The Position That The Words "Beach" And "Sexy" Are Trademarked And Cannot Be Used In Any Of Our Ads Even Though We Are Selling Bikinis.  That Is OUTRAGEOUS!!!  ANTI-BUSINESS!!!  ILLEGAL!!!  And INSANE!!!  What Is NEXT?  Online Internet Website Business Entrepreneurs Will NOT Be Able To Use Words Like "Boy," "Girl," "Car," or "House"??? ABSURD!!!

The Solution To This Very Serious Problem Is Very Simple:

he Federal Government and/or each State (perhaps World Governments) MUST mandate that Google (BING and all other such companies) CANNOT implement ANY such Anti-Business Policies And MUST communicate with AdSense publishers and ALL similar Advertising Code Publishers in a thorough, reasonable, comprehensive, and "verbal" manner providing advanced notice and/or warning with "Specific Reasons" for alleged "Policy Violations" and providing an opportunity and reasonable amount of time to fix ANY and ALL alleged "Policy Violations" after they have been "Specifically" delineated prior to Disabling them.

WOW!  That's Easy!  So What Is The Holdup?

We call that "The Mike Singer/Google Internet Business Protection Act."  But you can call it whatever you want.  We are not looking for any name recognition or glory.  We just want to see that truth, justice, fairness, and business equity prevails.  If you feel that a multi-billion-dollar fine against Google is appropriate, like we do, that's fine too.  Perhaps you can set up a fund and compensate all of Google's many Victims.

We look forward to providing you… well, the "World" with our Video as soon as it is complete!

Thank You!


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