The Google Scam
Google committed acts of Fraud, Deception, Manipulation, Anti-Business Practices, and Theft against us.  So we documented our case at:  And we filed a Civil Lawsuit against Google.  As a consequence of our efforts we identified a "SCAM" that is being perpetrated against thousands of people all around the world.  Google is operating a worldwide "SCAM."  Whether it is INTENTIONAL or not, it is a "SCAM."

We believe it is OBVIOUSLY intentional.  It is how Google makes MILLIONS of dollars in ILL-GOTTEN and STOLEN revenues.  But that is for Appropriate Authorities to determine.

We are genuinely concerned for other people around the world.  But we can only seek remedy and restitution for ourselves in the United States of America.  Actually, that is not entirely true.  We can, and WILL, provide our complaints and information to as many Government Business Regulatory Agencies around the world as we can.  In a roundabout way this will help to ensure that all appropriate Governing Agencies do their part to rectify the matter.  Those who refuse will certainly look the part of evading the issue ("covering-up" perhaps through payoffs).

We have provided some "common sense" Business Practices that would curtail the SCAM and an outright SOLUTION to the problem.  This is a REAL issue that needs to be remedied ASAP.  People are being taken advantage of and hurt.

This problem may be "Criminal" at its core.  We believe it is.  But only Appropriate Authorities can determine that.  It is certainly a "Civil" problem.  Hence, we have taken action in that regard.  Our attorney has rightfully and properly filed a Civil Cause of Action against Google for Theft, Breach of Contract, and Violations of our Rights to Free and Fair Trade Opportunities.


1.)        "Is the Fraud, Deception, Manipulation, Anti-Business Practices, and Theft - "SCAM" - that we have identified and exposed a planned, intentional, in-house, behind-the-scenes practice that Google knowingly and purposefully commits in order to pad their own pocketbook?"  We believe it is.  If so, it is indeed: "Criminal."

2.)        "Is this issue simply due to "Mismanagement" and/or a "Careless and Reckless Administration" of Google's Policies and Terms of Use?"  It CERTAINLY is that.  If it is ONLY that, then perhaps it is only a "Civil" matter.  We believe it is much more.

The answer to EITHER question demands investigation, scrutiny, regulation, and oversight by the States, Federal Government, and Media.  And ALL of Google's Victims deserve Civil Redress.

Establishing a "Criminal" case against Google for their obvious acts of Fraud, Deception, Manipulation, Anti-Business Practices, and Theft would require a tremendous in-depth investigation into Google's books, records, and operating system.  Numerous witnesses would have to be questioned.  And a nationwide, if not worldwide, call would have to go out to ALL of Google's MANY victims.  So proving a criminal case against Google may be impossible, although it would certainly be a worthy quest.

Numerous people have suggested to us that NOBODY in the U.S. Government or Media is going to do ANYTHING to Remedy or Expose this problem because "They are ALL in bed with Google!" and "They are ALL going to be bought off by Google!" 
I choose to THINK that is NOT true.  That is why YOU are now reading this email.

Below you will find information that identifies and exposes the "Google Scam," as well as data and statistics that confirm there are MANY "Google Victims."  The Evidence and Statistics (below) is: "ALARMING!"

It is rumored that Google "Disables" a million AdSense accounts every month.  We do not know exactly how many AdSense accounts Google actually "Disables" each month.  But one thing is certain: Google does "Disable" numerous AdSense accounts each month.  As new aspiring Online Internet Website Business Entrepreneurs come online each month Google lets them create their own brand new AdSense accounts while simultaneously "Disabling" numerous other AdSense accounts that belong to other people.  It is part of a very clever "Scheme."  By making "false" claims of "Policy Violations" Google can unilaterally and arbitrarily "Disable" AdSense accounts (especially at "opportune" moments in time), avoid making payouts, and pocket the money.  By doing so they are "STEALING."  That is a "CRIME."

If Google were to "Disable" one-million AdSense accounts every month (or even every YEAR) and each contained only $100 owed to the AdSense account holders that would be one-hundred-million dollars per month (or year) going into Google's pocket.  What kind of an incentive is that for Google to wrongfully "Disable" AdSense accounts?  Essentially, Google is "using" and "taking advantage" of countless numbers of people by letting them create AdSense accounts so they can place AdSense Code (Ads) within their websites and Blogs to generate enormous amounts of money for Google.  Then shortly thereafter Google "Disables" the AdSense accounts so they can avoid having to payout increasing amounts of money (AdSense Revenue) that is due to the AdSense account holders.  It's a beautiful thing - for Google.  It is a SCAM.

We have seen numerous examples of people having their AdSense accounts "Disabled" by Google when they were owed thousands or even tens-of-thousands of dollars.  We were owed $29,000.00 when Google wrongfully "Disabled" our AdSense accounts.  Google made FALSE claims that "Policy Violations" was their reason for "Disabling" our AdSense accounts.  But we have proven otherwise.  There was no legitimate reason for Google to "Disable" our AdSense accounts.  We effectively disintegrated all of Google's BOGUS claims that "Policy Violations" was the reason why they "Disabled" our AdSense accounts.  Moreover, we have provided some basic and "common sense" principles that denounce and discredit ANY reason Google might "cough up" for having "Disabled" our AdSense accounts (and other people's too).

The fact that Google does not communicate with AdSense account holders is a part of their "Scheme."  They will have representatives communicate over the phone with AdWords account holders so they can take money in.  But in the case of AdSense accounts, which require Google to pay money out, Google refuses to communicate.  This is just one of many factors that enable Google to pull off this high-tech "White Collar" SCAM.

All of the factors include: Not communicating verbally, properly, professionally, or effectively with AdSense account holders; making unilateral and arbitrary decisions to "Disable" AdSense accounts at opportune moments in time for the express purpose of avoiding having to make payouts and pocketing their own share; fabricating and "using" BOGUS excuses as a means of getting away with it; and employing their convenient and most effective "scapegoat justification" of claiming "Policy Violations" and/or violations of Google "Webmaster Guidelines" are the reasons why they "Disable" the many AdSense accounts they "Disable" each month

That Is The Perfect Recipe For The "Perfect Scam

NOTE: We have dismantled Google's "Scapegoat Justification" tactics too.

Keep in mind that most, if not ALL, human beings who create an AdSense account are just ordinary honest people who are endeavoring to "Make Money With Google" because they saw one or more of several Google Ads that might have read: "Make Money With Google," "Make Money With AdSense," and/or "Increase Your Revenues With Strategic Placement Of Ads On Your Website."  After getting their hopes up and exhausting (squandering) much of their precious and valuable time, resources, and money MANY AdSense account holders (Google Victims) find themselves standing beside them self wondering why their AdSense account was "Disabled" right "out of the blue" and "without reason."  Not only have they been robbed by Google, but they have had their Businesses wrongfully taken away from them too.

This is NOT: "The Scam Of The Century."  This IS: "The Greatest Scam Of All Time!"


Google might claim to have returned a portion of those AdSense earnings to the companies who paid for what now will have essentially become FREE advertising and traffic for them through the AdSense account holders' websites and Blogs.  But where is the proof.  Where is the evidence?  Where are the records?  How much was returned?  To whom was it returned?  When was it returned?  Why was it returned?  From WHICH AdSense account was WHAT money returned, and to WHOM?  Those are figures that would be very easy for Google's accounting department to hide or distort (to "fudge").  Google might even admit to keeping a percentage.  Why?  How much?  What about for the AdSense account holders who lose EVERYTHING - including their own investments and their valuable time?  The simple fact of the matter is no evidence, proof, or documentation is provided that Google returns money to companies who paid for what essentially becomes FREE advertising and traffic for them off of the backs of AdSense account holders IF it is true that Google returns the money.  And it probably isn't true.  Even if Google provided such information it would most assuredly be strategically done through twisted, distorted, and deceitful accounting practices.

This is a "SCAM" that Google operates in a very cunning fashion in order to create an Unfair Business Advantage for themselves at the Expense of Investors, Consumers, and Online Internet Website Business Entrepreneurs.  If Google was "honest" and "reputable" they would communicate with AdSense account holders.  They would not "use" them and "take advantage" of them.  And they would properly refund money IF and WHEN an AdWords and/or AdSense account was justly "Disabled."  But then, it wouldn't be a "SCAM" anymore would it?  Google wouldn't make as much money either, would they?  So Google can't do that now, can they?

Not only does Google gain millions of dollars in ILL-GOTTEN and STOLEN revenues from the AdSense accounts they wrongfully "Disable," but they also ensure that the money AdSense account holders spend through AdWords to market their websites that have AdSense Ads within them is a 100% GAIN for Google and a TOTAL LOSS for the AdSense account holder.  With ZERO dollars coming back to the AdWords account holders who spent money marketing their websites containing AdSense Ads, the AdSense account holder losses everything and Google ensures themselves a 100% PROFIT MARGIN.  Hence, the AdWords accounts revenues that Google generates from AdSense account holders whose AdSense accounts have been "Disabled" is also ILL-GOTTEN and STOLEN money, especially considering the fact that the AdSense account holders who spent their money on AdWords only did so because they were looking for an "Investment" return through AdSense.

Significantly, Google says: "Invest In Clicks That Turn Into Profits

Did you catch that Securities Exchange Commission?  Did you catch that Federal Trade Commission?  Did you catch that Department of Justice?  Google uses the term: "Invest!"  Are "Investments" not your area of supervision?  In fact, it is an "Investment!"  And they are "Investments" that are manipulated by Google for their own Financial Advantage at the expense of Investors, Consumers, and Online Internet Website Business Entrepreneurs.

Our case proves Google does this.  When Google first "Disabled" AdWords accounts to websites that were generating substantial AdSense revenues for my family, friends, business associates, and me in July 2011 we immediately suspected it was Google's game to "Disable" accounts so they would not have to pay money out.  In that first instance we earned $9,500.00 in one month.  Google paid us our rightfully earned money but immediately "Disabled" our AdWords accounts the following month falsely, or "conveniently," claiming it was for "Policy Violations."  Knowing better, we proceeded to jump over all kinds of hurdles and through all kinds of hoops endeavoring to satisfy Google's BOGUS claims.  We amassed well over 100 email correspondences between ourselves and Google representatives in the process.  We had two very strong reasons to regain our rightful and legitimate ability to earn AdSense revenues.  Obviously, we wanted to continue earning money.  We also wanted to prove that this was Google's game - their "SCAM."  It was Google's own words and/or "false advertising" that became our motivation: "Make Money With Google," "Make Money with AdSense," and "Increase Your Revenues With Strategic Placement Of Ads In Your Websites."  After one year of implementing a wide assortment of what can only be described as "Anti-Business" requirements that Google threw at us, such as not having links in our websites that connected to any of our other websites and not having Amazon shopping carts in our websites, all of which limited our income potential and stripped down our websites to bare bones (Anti-Business demands), we succeeded in beginning to earn AdSense revenues again.  A few months after we resumed earning substantial and ever-increasing AdSense revenues AGAIN, Google "Disabled" our AdSense accounts.  This time Google wrongfully disabled our AdSense accounts.  They did not "Disable" our AdWords accounts this time because we were able to make them "Compliant."

Google could not deny us the RIGHT to promote and market our websites with AdWords because they were "Reviewed," "Approved," and determined by "Google Specialists" to be "Compliant."  So this time Google "Disabled" our AdSense accounts.  And Google stole $38,000.00 from us in a misleading, deceptive, manipulative, and underhanded manner.  Google again wrongfully took away our successful Online Internet Website Businesses thereby violating our 1st Amendment Rights to Free Speech, Free Expression, Free Press, Free Trade, Free Enterprise, Free Markets, Capitalism, Entrepreneurialism, and Fair Trade Opportunities.  The information, testimony, and FACTS published at prove this to be true.  We set out to expose Google's game - their SCAM.  And we did.  There is an overwhelming abundance of PROOF at:

The MANY details concerning our case can be found at:

Google Has Acted In A Hostile Manner To Limit, Minimize, Reduce, Restrict and/or Eliminate Our Businesses And Our RIGHT To Free Market Competition.  And They Have Done The Same Thing To MANY Other People - All For The Purpose Of Creating An Unfair Business Advantage For Themselves At The Expense Of Investors, Consumers, And Online Internet Website Business Entrepreneurs!

Google has victimized MANY other people.  This has been documented at:  It is further documented below.  You will see (below) that thousands of people have been victimized by Google.

It has never been our aim or ambition to "attack" Google.  We hold no personal grudges or animosity toward Google.  This is NOT a "personal" or "vindictive" pursuit.  In fact, the first minute of a video that is still posted on one of my websites,, reveals that I have been an enthusiastic fan and supporter of Google.  Of course my personal and political opinions, views, ideas, and philosophies have nothing at all to do with this matter.  And they certainly should not be held against me or make me subject to any sort of discrimination.  The concerns and complaints we are heralding have to do with FACTUAL instances of Fraud, Deception, Manipulation, Anti-Business Practices, and Theft committed by Google Executives and/or Management against ourselves and thousands of other people.

The problem lies within the "Corporate Management" of the company, NOT within Google "Products and Services."  Google products and services are legitimate, useful, and wonderful.  We still use them and believe they are valuable assets to Online Internet Website Business Entrepreneurs.  Unfortunately, Google's Products, Services, and Policies are manipulated by Corporate Executives and/or Management to create Unfair Business Advantages for Google at the expense of Investors, Consumers, and Online Internet Website Business Entrepreneurs.

We documented our case and FACTS at:  We have also identified and are exposing the problem - Google's "Scheme" - Google's "Clever SCAM."  And we have shown how it has adversely impacted and affected us, as well as numerous other people throughout the United States and around the world.

We are urging an investigation and pursuing remedy.  To date we have filed our complaints, testimony, and evidence with:

The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), FBI Internet Crimes Division, Local Miami FBI Office, Better Business Bureau (BBB), Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3 <>), and the United States Department of Justice (DOJ).  We also filed the same or similar complaints with the Attorney Generals and Governors in all 50 States and U.S. Territories.  And we are in the process of submitting our complaint along with the "Mike Singer/Google Internet Business Protection Act" to every Senator, Congressman, and Congresswoman in Washington, D.C.  Our Attorney, Forrest Sygman, has filed a lawsuit against Google.

This Problem Is Very REAL.  It Is Adversely Affecting MANY People.  And It Is Potentially Very DANGEROUS

There is a "joke" comment on a Blog about "threatening to nuke" Google Headquarters in Mountain View from one seemingly unhappy victim.  We don't find it amusing or appropriate to post such comments or encouragements in a Blog wherein numerous people have expressed dissatisfaction, hurt, pain, suffering, and loss after being victimized by Google, especially considering the many stories we have all seen on the five o'clock news about disgruntled persons going "postal" or "ballistic" after losing their job, wife, and/or investment.

Google STOLE $38,000.00 from us and wrongfully took away our profitable businesses.  They have done similarly to MANY other people.  And there are people in the world that will go "postal" or "ballistic" for far less.

As we have alluded to in our website,, MANY people have been victimized by Google.  Many aspiring Online Internet Website Business Entrepreneurs have been mislead, deceived, robbed, and wronged by Google.  We have established links to some of their Blogs and Websites.  And we have provided additional corroborating evidence below.  Most importantly, we have uncovered and revealed how and why Google commits these crimes.

Significantly, the Google "Keyword Tool" reveals that MANY other people have been wronged and victimized by Google throughout the United States and around the world.  It shows how many people have gone online, opened up a browser, went to, and used the Google search bar to find information that is relative to the information and complaints we have filed and published.  It is alarming

The data below reveals that most likely "subsequent" to being wronged by Google and having been accustomed to using Google's products and services, MANY victims went back to Google and searched through Google's search bar to find information relative to how they were wronged.  Perhaps they were looking for further proof of how they had been wronged.  Perhaps they were looking for "other victims."  Perhaps they were looking for HELP.

When someone types a word into the Google Keyword Tool the results are indicative of what they are looking for.  And the results are very precise.  If you change even one letter you will get a different result.  You can see an example of that below with the words: "AdSense Scam" and "AdSense Scams."  1,900 people searched: "AdSense Scam."  1,600 people (an entirely different group) searched: "AdSense Scams"

This is a precise measurement of exactly what people are looking for.  It is significant that all of the search results below are relative to the complaints we have been heralding.  This supports the reality that our complaints are not only VALID, but widespread.  It is also significant that different people are going to use different terms to describe their pain, suffering, and how they feel they have been victimized.  Hence, the ultimate reality is certainly far greater and more TRAGIC than the numbers we have documented below.

The relativity of the searches below to our complaints and the information we have published at is astonishing.  The numbers are shocking.  What is MOST astounding is that these results are only for ONE MONTH.

It is very significant that these results are ONLY for ONE MONTH.


It is very significant that different people are all going to use different words to search for information relative to their pain, suffering, and how they feel they have been wronged.  The amount of variable terms is only limited by the amount of unique individuals.  There are more than six-billion people on the planet.  We just searched what "we" consider to be the most common and relative to our complaints.  Certainly, there are many other germane keywords that other victims may have used.  If you were to add them ALL up it would amount to many more than we have documented above.  But we cannot come up with every possible word.  We cannot think to "think" for everyone else.  We can only represent other people to the extent that we do at:  The data above proves there are thousands of Victims.  And that is just during one month - ONE MONTH.  It is outrageous, disgraceful, and shocking to know that Google is causing that amount of grief and harm to that many people each month.

It is also very significant to note that MOST Google Victims associate the wrongs that have been perpetrated against them with being a "Crime."  The greatest number of searches relative to these issues is 823,000 for the words "Crime" and "Google" in conjunction with one another.  Someone trying to defend Google and this sad reality might try to do so by asserting that many of these people (victims) were simply using the terms to search "Crime Stats" or something ridiculous like that.  They might suggest the order of "Google Crime" is just a way for someone to say I am endeavoring to "Google" issues of "Crime."  But the Keyword Tool is a very PRECISE tool.  So perhaps it is more telling that the "actual" manner the words were searched in conjunction with one another, according to the Google Keyword Tool Data Provider, was in the order of "Crime Google" indicating the individuals were looking for information associated with crimes related to Google.  Applying the defender's logic in the reverse would support the notion that many people were looking for "Crime" relative to "Google."  If  the order "Google Crime" could mean that a person was looking to "Google" something about "Crime" then the order "Crime Google" means the person was looking for "Crimes" relative to "Google."  And that is actually the order the terms were searched: "Crime Google"

The simple FACT of the matter is MANY of the people who searched "Google Crime" and/or "Crime Google" were doing so in a manner that is consistent with the concerns and complaints we are heralding.  Even if we were to take only a few of the words above like: "Google Is A Scam," "Google Is A Fraud,"  "AdSense Is A Scam," "AdSense Is A Fraud," "Google Is Criminal," "Google Is A Liar," and "Google Victim" you still end up with thousands of Google Victims

If you couple the Keyword Data above with ALL of the information that has been published at you will see there is a very REAL and SERIOUS problem.  Our case documents very well EXACTLY what the problem is.  We have identified EXACTLY what the problem is clearly and precisely at:

Essentially, the complaints we have filed for ourselves have also been filed on behalf of numerous other Google Victims (thousands of them).  If you combine the data above with our own personal case, the information contained within our website, the comments made on our Government Petition by other people around the world, and the numerous other websites and Blogs it is indicative of the FACT that Google is operating a Worldwide "SCAM."  We have identified and exposed that "SCAM."  It is imperative that you TAKE ACTION.
A Worldwide Google "SCAM"
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