Imagine This!
Imagine this:

You see an ad on the internet that says: "Make Money With Google!"  Yes, that successful, popular, and seemingly trustworthy multi-billion dollar company.

You know how to build and publish websites.  So when you see an ad from Google that says: "Make Money With Google" - - you jump on it!

You spend 12 hours per day, every day, for two years endeavoring to build your own online businesses so you can earn that money.  You read through all of Google's Policies and Terms of Use.  You spend numerous hours of your time and energy building websites, adding AdSense code, and paying much hard earned money to Google to market your websites.

After a year of hard work and commitment you start seeing results.  You have used the Google Keyword Tool to identify high value targets (popularly searched keywords) and you apply domain names, meta tags, keywords, and content to those high value targets.  Google deposits $9,500.00 into your bank account.

You are psyched!

The very next month, Google shuts you down.

You spend the next several months corresponding with Google representatives and "Google Specialist" trying to understand what the problem was and working diligently to fix the problem.  You have amassed well over 100 emails.

After another year of corresponding with Google and rebuilding your websites you are told by the Google representatives and "Google Specialists" that your websites are "compliant" (COMPLIANT) and there is "no reason for adds to no longer run."

You are psyched!

You resume spending hard earned money to market your websites and - - PRESTO!

Google deposits $6,333.00 into your bank account in April.

Google deposits $12,000.00 into your bank account in May.

Google deposits $14,000.00 into your bank account in June.

You earn $19,347.00 in AdSense revenues in July!

You have finally built your successful online businesses!

You are excited.  You are happy.  You are Psyched!

Every day you enjoy getting out of bed and going immediately to your computer to check your AdSense account to see how much money you earned the day before.

In August you are earning more than $1,000.00 per day in AdSense revenues.  You are well on your way to earning over $30,000.00 that month.

You are more than psyched!

You take your son on a road trip since he will be starting college at the end of August.

While you are on the road trip on August 14, you receive word that Google shut your business down.

They are not going to pay you the money you earned in August - - the $1,000 per day you were earning.

Oh yeah, and they are not going to pay you the $19,347.00 your business earned in July either.

What would you do?

Would you build a website called:

Would you forward a link to the website to every person on planet earth?

I thought so.  Thanks for forwarding!

Copy And Paste This Story Into An Email And Send It Out To Everyone You Know.  It Is A True Story!
Imagine This!