In A Nutshell
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In A Nutshell
Google places advertisements all over the internet that say:

"Make Money With Google!"
"Earn Money With Google AdSense!"
"Increase Revenues With Strategic Placement Of Google Ads Within Your Websites!"
"Invest In Clicks That Turn Into Profits!"
"Think Like Your Customers And Bid On Keywords They Are Already Searching For!"
"Draw The Audience You Want By Creating Specific Ads For Keywords And Get More Business!"
"AdSense Has Allowed Me To Live The Life I've Always Dreamed Of!"

That encourages, motivates, and manipulates people into using Google products and services and giving their hard-earned money to Google.  It also causes people to spend much of their precious and valuable time building websites and implementing AdWords and AdSense in a sincere effort to obtain the desired and promised financial opportunity.

IF and WHEN users of Google AdSense begin earning substantial AdSense revenues, Google indiscriminately and WRONGFULLY Disables their AdWords and/or AdSense accounts in order to avoid making AdSense payments and pocket their own share… confiscating - STEALING - people's AdSense revenues and squandering and wasting people's precious and valuable time, energy, creativity, dreams, visions, hopes, ambitions, and income opportunities.

Google defends this Unethical, Illegal, and Unfair Business Practice - SCAM - by claiming to only Disable AdSense accounts for "Policy Violations."  They fabricate BOGUS excuses and assert FALSE reasons that are NOT applicable or true.  They hide behind lies.  And they will attempt to ward off ANY investigation by confounding inquires with muddled, confusing, distracting mumbo-jumbo.  Google conjured up FOUR (4) different excuses on FOUR (4) separate occasions after they WRONGFULLY Disabled our AdSense accounts.  They had to because we were able to successfully rebut each one - one right after the other.  That is the convenient "Scapegoat Justification Tactic" Google uses to get away with their SCAM.  It is an Unfair, Unethical, and Illegal Business Practice.  It is an International SCAM.
This Video Tells All
If You Believe You Are A Victim Of Google Deception And/Or Crime,
Send Your Name, Contact Information, And A Brief Description Of How You Have Been Wronged To:
The Ultimate Bottom Line

     If Google determines a website (ANY website) to be "Reviewed," "Approved," and "Compliant" whereby Google is willing to take that website owner's hard-earned money to promote and market their website(s) with Google AdWords, then Google should be required to allow the owner of that website to place AdSense codes within that website.  Even-Steven.  To NOT do so is a "double standard" that affords an Unfair Business Advantage to Google at the expense of Online Internet Website Business Entrepreneurs!

     We have shown how Google Arbitrarily and WRONGFULLY Disables people's AdWords and/or AdSense accounts in order to avoid making AdSense payouts and increase their own revenues and profits at the expense of people - Online Internet Website Business Entrepreneurs!
"What about Ethics?"
What about "Ethics?"