Trademark Infringement?
     Someone recently commented on a Blog that this website will not be around for long due to Trademark infringement.  It is not accurate to say this website will not be around for long.  This website will be around forever - - as long as there is open and free internet.  First, I do not believe I am infringing upon any trademark(s) owned by Google for the following reasons:

A trademark is a "specific" and "exact" representation.  And it is used for a "specific" and "exact" purpose.

"google" and "googlecrime" are not the same series of letters.  And they are not the same names.  Just as "John" and "Johnson" are not the same names.  There is a 50% difference.  Plus, my website does not provide the same service as Google.

     Furthermore, I am not concerned about whether there is a Trademark infringement because I have two backup plans.  So if you have any concerns regarding possible trademark infringement, here is your peace of mind:


     Everything will stay the same.


     Trademark infringement will have to be determined by a judge in a court of law.  And an order must be issued.  A specific rationale will be provided.

     If the Google colors become the basis for infringement, notwithstanding the fact that half of my letters are black, I will simply apply the colors to all of the letters differently.  For example, Google's "G" is Blue so I will change mine to Red.  I will use a different color scheme for the colored letters.  In the worst case scenario, and only at the order of a court, I will make all of the letters Black.  And that would only serve to highlight the dark aspects of Google's Crimes to begin with, which would be fine.

     I will wait to let a Judge decide.


     If the name itself becomes the basis for infringement, I will simply republish the exact same website and content under a different domain name.  I have a few alternative domain names that are actually much better.  To some extent I am only using this domain name for now to stir up attention and interest in my story and in the reality of what Google has done.  People need to be aware so that Google cannot steal from others.  And the Federal government needs to get involved.  They must Oversee, Regulate, and Legislate Google's Unethical and Anti-Business Practices.  Indeed, Google is guilty of Fraud, Deception, Manipulation, Anti-Business Practices, and Theft (Grand Larceny).

     It is important to get the story out.  And it is important to get the Federal Government involved.  It is also important to make Attorneys, like YOU, readily available to other victims of such Crimes.

     Ultimately, the content on this website is what is important.  And it will never change because it is all entirely Valid, Genuine, Legitimate, Honest, and Truthful.  The content is far more important than the domain name.  So you will always have a GREAT place to advertise YOUR Practice!

Trademark Infringement?