Whistle Blower
I am Blowing the Whistle on Google.

I have officially filed as a Whistle Blower with the Securities Exchange Commission.

Google has committed Fraud, Deception, Manipulation, Anti-Business Practices, and Theft against me.

Google has perpetrated these same crimes against others.  Other Third-Party Victims: Victims 1, Victims 2, Victims 3, Victims 4.

Google exercises an in-house, behind-the-scenes, underhanded, unfair, unscrupulous, and manipulative practice of disabling and/or suspending AdWords and/or AdSense accounts IF and WHEN they begin generating substantial and/or excessive AdSense revenues for end users.

Google deliberately exercises this unethical and unfair practice in order to gain an unfair financial advantage.

Google feigns BOGUS and/or UNFOUNDED claims that "Policy Violations" are the reason for their disabling and/or suspending of such profitable AdSense accounts.

Google uses BOGUS claims of "Policy Violations" as a "convenient excuse" because it enables Google to do whatever they want.

I have more than 200 email correspondences between Google Representatives and me that reveal policy "inconsistencies" and an overall "Anti-Business" spirit on the part of Google.

I have video taped conversations with Google Specialists over the phone; video recordings of our websites being found "COMPLIANT" by "Google Specialists" at various points in time throughout this calendar year (2012); video recordings of financial investments made by all of my family, friends, business associates, and me; and video recordings of earnings made by all of our prospective websites during this calendar year (2012).  I have documented the development, growth, legitimacy, authenticity, compliance, and success of the very websites, AdWords accounts, and AdSense accounts that have legitimately and rightfully earned substantial and ever-increasing AdSense revenues for my family and me, which Google has wrongfully disabled.

I did a reasonable job of documenting everything.  I pain to imagine all of the poor souls who have been screwed over by Google who didn't think to document their situations.  They need an "Ear" and a "Voice" too.

I purchased the domain name GoogleCrime.com and published this website in order to document my complaints and evidence, as well as to provide helpful resources for other victims


305-281-4285, 305-345-3235, or 786-398-0396 (One of those 3 should reach me)
     I created multiple websites to promote businesses, ideas, opinions, and philosophies, as well as to sell products.  Google knowingly and properly permitted me to place AdSense ads on my websites.  My websites and Google AdSense ads were working in perfect harmony with one another, doing what they are supposed to do, resulting in various ads for other companies, businesses, products, and services to appear on my websites and being clicked on by interested persons.  That resulted in me justly, rightfully, and properly earning AdSense revenues.  My formula is highly profitable.  So we began earning substantial and ever-increasing amounts of money - - AdSense Revenues.  Google wrongfully took it away from us because they don't like the fact that someone created a profitable formula that resulted in payouts that are far beyond the norm of what they ever expected or desire to have to pay out to AdSense users.

     Google penalized me for my success.  They disabled my successful and profitable system without notice, without warning, without providing any reason, and without giving me an opportunity to fix whatever the alleged problem was.  They didn't tell me what, if any, problem there was.  They failed to communicate with me on a professional and clear level.  And they confiscated all of our earnings for the month of July and August, 2012, amounting to more than $29,800.00.  That money was legitimately, justly, and rightfully earned in the True "Spirit" of Advertising and Marketing.  Our present and future earnings, which would amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars over just the next couple of years, has also been wrongfully stolen from us by Google.
Motivation For This Whistle Blower
I Am A Whistle Blower
Reference Number: TCR1347982466690